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why people love gossip?

Despite knowing that gossiping is not good practice but soon heard a rumor why we immediately curious to know more deeply even though the topic is rumored personal problems of others.
Drifting problems in the gossip circle is difficult to avoid. One reason is our visual system is programmed to focus on negative gossip we hear. In addition, the human brain to remember the gossip was more strongly negative than positive rumors or gossip is neutral.

“Naturally we are more sensitive to information that may potentially threaten our lives,” Irving Biederman, neuroscience experts from California, United States.
Although the topic of gossip about others, but it is not impossible that one day will fall on us. For example, about employee layoffs or infidelity.
“We can take advantage of the negative rumors that we hear by way of avoiding it to not happen to us,” said lead researcher Eliza Bliss-Moreau, from California, USA.
Previous studies also revealed that humans evolved in such a way as to have a tendency to judge and happy to talk about other people.
Although there are many categories of conversations with other people, ranging from greetings, explanations, lie or tell a secret, but the most favored people are talking about someone else. In fact, although the conversation begins with the topic of the weather, eventually they’ll talk about other people.
Primatologist Robin Dunbar of the University of Oxford UK, said that gossip does not always mean bad. Dunbar explained that the gossip has gone through evolutionary selection as a way to unite groups of people.
At first, according to Dunbar, primates such as baboons live in groups and use self-care as a social tool to establish, maintain and break relationships. But in evolutionary history, human groups as large and no one has time to notice the appearance of lailn. Gossip or talk about other people and then replace it as the glue of social bonding.
Although gossip may already exist naturally in any social environment, but humans are not born to gossip. Children learn the art of communication through the environment, ranging from polite to talk with the parents, do not swear on someone else, or use good grammar. Including, custom gossip about others.
In other words, although we have a tendency to like gossip, but the joy was not to be nurtured. In fact, we can teach children to avoid gossip by way of “keeping the tongue” to did not often talk about the negative news about other people.

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