Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

ViewSonic Tablet Exhibition ‘Dual OS’ Android & Windows

In the event the computer at the Computex 2011 exhibition held in Taipei, Taiwan, the company ViewSonic displays a tablet PC OS are supported by dual Intel processors Oak Trail.
This device is capable of running Windows 7 as the base OS, but laden with Bluestacks virtualization software, which enables Android and Android applications related to the x86 side by side in a Wintel environment.
“This tablet strength in hardware and software, is ideal for users who want to have a combination of entertainment and professional needs,”said Alan Chang, a spokesman for ViewSonic, as reported by TG Daily, Tuesday (05/31/2011).
“This allows the user to switch instantly between two OS without turning off the tablet. Android for simple tasks like browsing the Web and Windows 7 for business applications,” he added
Additional specifications include a 10.1-inch screen, 1.5 GHz Z670 Atom processor, 32GB of storage memory, WiFi/Bluetooth/3G and 3500mAh battery.
ViewSonic also announced ViewPad 7X, 7-inch Honeycomb tablets based on dual-core processor Nvidia Tegra.
This device weighs only 380g and offers front and rear camera, capacitive multi-touch screen display, an HDMI port, support DLNA connectivity and HSPA +.

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