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how to cope with whitish

If you experience vaginal discharge, of course you can not feel comfortable and need some way of overcoming these whitish. Of course white is a disease that must be addressed immediately before it becomes more severe and threaten your health. When you find a whitish color that was getting worse by the thick, smelly, and itchy, it means you must immediately find ways to overcome whiteness, because whiteness like that allows you to suffer more severe disease. Here are some ways you can cope with whitish know;
1. Visit your doctor and consult specialist content that you experienced vaginal discharge complaints. Make sure the doctor has a special tool that can check your overall condition. By knowing the exact cause of vaginal discharge is, of course, the doctor will have a way of overcoming the most effective discharge.
2. Maintain cleanliness of your sex organs well with the change of underwear on a regular basis at least twice a day. If you feel that you wearing underwear is damp or dirty, you should replace it with a clean so that bacteria, fungi or viruses in the underwear does not infect the vagina.
3. Washing the vagina with a special cleaning is a way to overcome white womanhood is also quite effective, especially for the type of vaginal discharge that has not been so severe. By washing the vagina with an anti septic will hinder the entry of bacteria and germs into the vagina which is the main cause of vaginal discharge.
4. While coming months, you must diligently replace the pads. Do not use a bandage until too full because it will trigger the growth of bacteria that can infect the vagina. Diligent replace the pads can be a way to overcome the whitish or at least reduce it effectively.
5. When the disease was found whitish with a fairly severe conditions, how to deal with whiteness is certainly the more serious, such as injecting sitostatica, penicillin, vaccinations, tetracycline, and so forth.
6. How to cope with whitish also be done with surgery. This surgery is intended to remove a small portion of cervical tissue infected with bacteria, viruses or fungi that cause vaginal discharge.
7. Use of safety when you are having sex. Or if you are planning a pregnancy, properly clean the vagina after intercourse or should be, consult your gynecologist about vaginal cleansing what you can use as a way to overcome white so you are not wrong in choosing that may damage the pregnancy planning.
8. Consuming a traditional herb is also a way of overcoming whiteness quite effective as boiled water as much as one glass of betel leaves, two to three times a week.

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