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Appreciating the Different Types of Chocolate

There may be some time in their lives in this world who had never loved any of the chocolate. Especially fond of children, it is rich sweet taste, while adults can take a fantasy of romantic appeal. This type of candy is a favorite of children of sex girls, while others, also serves as an aphrodisiac. Whatever the reason, here we can all enjoy chocolate is an overview of different types:

Sweet chocolate and dark chocolate, black

The darkness of the project, known as dark chocolate or milk fat, sugar and emulsifier lecitihin and the addition of (70-80%) only contains cocoa solids. The black chocolate candy 20 to 40% of cocoa content, is usually a sweeter version. Chocolate, all types, the two functions of the heart that has improved anti-cancer anti-oxidants, and more, including a health benefit.

No sugar / Bittersweet / semi - sweet chocolate

No sugar and sour are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between them is the chocolate, cocoa beans are mainly used for baking purposes and can not by itself. Bittersweet, by contrast, chocolate, alcohol, sugar, fat, contains lecithin and vanilla. In general, both the chocolate, which is called at least 32% cocoa. Semi-sweet, on the other hand, the 30-40 -% cocoa and emulsifiers, sweet chocolate and dark chocolate, black, and in between.

Milk / White Chocolate

Milk chocolate or white chocolate, milk solids and cocoa butter, with a color of light is very sweet and tastes like chocolate instead of milk. Different types of chocolate, this is one that is a pronounced taste for drink or candy is solid. In fact, the dark chocolate than milk, such as milk is recommended for children, which is rich in calcium and bone development of children is a primary need.

Gianduja Chocolate

Gianduja chocolate, sweets and seeds (usually walnuts or almonds) paste, cocoa and sugar, mainly. Dark or milk chocolate as a condiment, as an option or milk or dark varieties, you can. Pastry chefs, candy or nuts around the modern word Gianduja chocolate and sugar can be used as a combination. Gianduja chocolate and a carnival puppet Giandija could find a region where many Italian hazelnut cakes are the archetypal characters of its name represents.

Compound chocolate

Compound chocolate instead of cocoa butter and cocoa in the main components of vegetable fats. All the different types of chocolate, as this is technically sold, but the caramel layer is common to the different types. Chocolate is definitely one of the favorite foods of the world, and why we like, we know that our rich diversity of entertainment there is to enjoy

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